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Welcome To IRST-EDCOM.-a slogan of Anywhere Learn Anything. Our Innovative Idea is to inspire students and prepare them for the rapidly changing world connecting them with local & World class Entrepreneurs. IRST-EDCOM is India’s largest one-stop platform for educational community that links technology and innovation with students, Faculty’s personalized study requirements to build a holistic academic system to Design a APP to focuses on high-quality, low-cost, and replicable interventions to address gaps in the education system. All Participants will be awarded a completion certificate from IRST-EDCOM on successfully completed of 976 courses in online certificate.

The IRST-EDCOM is a statutory body of non-profit making Society to promote Research development in Science Engineering, Technology, Management, and Medical Sciences. The IRST established in 2013 and incorporated by MSME, MCA and Indian Societies Registration Act-2001. IRST is an initiative of the Government of India in collaboration with the state Governments and Industries (ICO).

about us IRST

It is the largest multi-disciplinary professional body of Researchers encompassing Engineering, Science & Medical and Management disciplines with a Membership, International Collaboration and Publication support serving the nation for more than 6 years to facilitate Students/Faculty preparation with E-Learning that can be accessed 24*7 from any part of the world. We hold a repository of easy and simple explanations and well-informed answers for the all solutions material for L.K.G to Ph.D. Students at IRST-EDCOM get well-conceptualized Word/Pdf/Video/Live Doubt session based on their educational backgrounds and career interests in Innovative E-learning on Schools, Colleges, Engineering, Research &Development and Soft skill Trainings for Indian Learners.

Promote excellence

understanding of innovative solutions and communication techniques in Education, Research and Entrepreneurship Development.

Raise awareness Enhance communication

Develops co-operation between the World-India Education offer from Academic partner’s like- School/ Colleges/ University’s/ Training Institutes sector and Research Centers.

Institutional Facilitate cross education

 employment and exchange of Indians to Meet academics from across World and share best practices of students and teaching staff.


Accredit your School/Colleges/University’s/Training Institutes’ by IRST and receive recognition.


If you want to gear a company to the future, you’ve got to provide answers to the following questions:

What do you stand for?

What sets you apart?

How will you achieve long-term success?

And that’s what we’ve done. Vision 2021 is paving the way to a successful future. And to make it happen, we’re focusing on three topics:

  1. A clear mission
    A mission expresses a company’s self-understanding and defines its aspirations. “We make real what matters.” That’s our aspiration. That’s what we stand for. That’s what sets us apart. A reflection of our strong brand, it’s the mission that inspires us to succeed.
  2. A lived ownership culture
    One engine of sustainable business is our ownership culture, in which every employee takes personal responsibility for our company’s success. “Always act as if it were your own company” – this maxim applies to everyone at IRST-EDCOM, from Managing Board member to trainee, leaders & subscribers.
  3. A consistent strategy
    With our positioning along the educational value chain, we have knowhow that extends from education to e-education transmission, educational distribution and smart grid to the efficient application of  e-learning. And with our outstanding strengths in automation, we’re well equipped for the future and the age of digitalization.

We are committed to breaking the technological barriers in the fields of education and digital content distribution. We offer flexible, affordable and stimulating e–education system which enable subscribers to enjoy a seamless transition & online education in the digital world. We aim towards Just-in-time access to information technology. A vision to promote an unique educational system which will multiply our subscribers by satisfying them to achieve 100% growth. Adoption of technology is due to convenience in time. Place, age, communication and cost effectiveness. Technology also enhances social status as well as distinguishes people and makes them smarter. IRST-EDCOM vision considers the activity of people towards technology worthiness and decided to make their learning process easier, smoother, smarter, systematic and unique mode of study.

The Objective of the IRST:

  • To promote the study of Engineering, Science, and Technology and Medical through research and development activities and grants.
  • To create awareness among the youth particularly from the deprived sections, about focus, strategies, process, and innovations in the field of Engineering, Science and Technology.
  • To Foster the co-operation between Industry and the IRST Institutional members.
  • To conduct interdisciplinary research that leads to the development of the society and also to build a bridge between science and society.
  • To develop international exposure among the members of the IRST, by the collaborative arrangements made with the developing countries and developed countries to disseminate the information to interested institutions and individual members of the IRST.


  • To provide our subscribers a quality service & Better carrier opportunity.
  • To make our online education system highly developed & update.
  • Crossing 10000 subscribers in all parts of India by 2021.
  • To make every rural & backward segment a computer literate through our “Basic Computer Training Camp” & our offline study centers.
  • Reducing the unemployment and poverty of India through providing Optional Income opportunity simultaneously along with advance education.
  • To facilitate today’s busy public with E-Commerce to reach all type of commodities on their figure tips.
  • To make every individual an online genius to reach all the commercial resources through online media.


The culture of innovation in developing study and beyond focused on problem-solving for Faculty, Students and Industrials training centers.


Incubation Cells, Govt. Funding Agencies and Indo-Global Summit, Co-Created Training courses & I2I with Foreign University and Global Knowledge Centers.


Extraordinarily high standards of rigor and meritocracy in Academia and the Center of Excellence(CoE).


Active and transparent governance by a reputable and diverse board.

Non-partisan, non-denominational, and agnostic to specific ideologies.

Our Mission

The Premier Education Change is a fundamental feature of today’s world. It creates future opportunities, provides momentum for entrepreneurial decisions, calls into question established points of view and inspires new maxims for action. A look at today’s digital transformation – a prominent megatrend of our time – indicates how profoundly our world has changed in the last few years and highlights the paradigm shift that the future holds in store. By the year 2000, some two billion gigabytes of data had been accumulated worldwide. Today, the same volume of information is generated in a single day. And driven by the ongoing merger of the real and virtual worlds, this trend is increasing.  Eduweb is one of the initial companies to identify the opportunities provided by the megatrends digital transformation, globalization, urbanization, demographic change and climate change and to rigorously align its business activities accordingly.

Why? Because we know that we can’t succeed over the long term unless we view change as an opportunity and work together to manage it.

IRST-EDCOM MISSION is Digital Transformation. Our talented consultants help clients define and deliver winning strategies by harnessing the power of this new digital economy, through a collaborative, relationship-based approach. We design and deliver significant transformations through our mastery of digital advances, information insight, and business transformation. Our commitment is to deliver significant improvements in value and performance.

A mission to offer a technology based solution in the field of education & digital content distribution. To offer our employees the opportunity to develop professionally in a stimulating environment, this combines creativity, innovation, and teamwork and personality development.

We are in the way to enrich our society with upgrade technologies and modern system of income opportunity. We are focused on designing the latest & user friendly service for effective learning.

We believe that digital transformation is first and foremost a business transformation. People, not technology, are the most important piece in the digital transformation puzzle.

Digital transformation has become the ultimate challenge in change management because it impacts not only industry structures and strategic positioning but all levels of an organization (every task, activity, process) and its extended supply chain. Leaders must constantly challenge their organizations to ensure that this technology-enabled change can unlock productivity gains and significant competitive advantage and understand where and how the fundamentals of their current operations could be unsettled by agile new entrants or new business models.

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