Our company incorporated with MCA on 9th January, 2019. ILLUMINATE INSTITUTION OF RESEARCH SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY PRIVATE LIMITED is listed in the class of Private company and classified as Non-govt company. This company is registered at Registrar of Companies(ROC), was under “The Companies act 1956”. With CIN- U80101TG2019PTC129597

IRST-EDCOM Vision is one of the best institutes in its category to have been honored with ISO 9001:2008 certification for providing online education, distance learning, real time training, offline study center and business opportunities through multi-level marketing.

Our Registered Office is situated at 4 Locations in India.

The company initiated its first step towards globalization by launching its website named

In the next step a very advanced multilingual e-learning site was developed. website :

IRST-EDCOM Vision launched first two offline study centers in only 30 days.
Just after 90 days from incorporation we launched our technology wing named “IRST-EDCOM Technologies”   website:

We introduced a beautiful multilingual online education portal just in 120 days.Our next project “Test Center Pro” a very talent worthy online test center has also been successfully a floated

For further enhancement we decided to launch a new well facilitated website for our “smart subscribers” and developed

In 2014 looking forward to the quickly changing scenario, IRST-EDCOM extended its wings in the field of Website and Software development and lunched its software unit naming it as ” IRST-EDCOM Solutions”. Visit . And now we are booming players in the race of transforming India into Digital India. Our Software products are in high demand in National & International market. We are also successful in attracting the high profile companies listed in the Forbes list of India by our corporate based ERP & other software modules.

We feel that there is no end of serving the world through digitalization so, very soon IRST-EDCOM is going to lunch its upcoming project i.e. the next big achievement for IRST-EDCOM by developing the most highly demanding portal of this era “The e-shopping Portal”

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