Industry Relations

Industry Relations

Ongoing interaction between the Industry and Institute is an essential one. To strengthen the relationship between industry and our institute, the Industry-Institution Interaction Cell was established in the year 2012 which provides an excellent platform for both the students as well as the faculty members to be aware of industry expectations from the graduates. IIIC (Industry Institute Interaction Cell) serves as a podium to showcase the best practices, latest technologies from an industry standpoint, and their implementation.

Better interaction between Technical institutions and industry is the need of the hour. The exposure that the students will get will have an immediate effect on the subsequent placement of these young graduating engineers in various industries across the globe. With the advent of globalization and the opening up of the Indian economy to the outside world, there is stiff competition.

This cell aims at bridging this gap between industry and academic institutions. IIIC serves as a podium to showcase the best practices, latest technologies emerging in industries and implementation.

Also, IIIC promotes industry experts to continuously partake in curriculum design and career development programs which play a significant role in honing the skill set of the students. Towards upscaling the academia in the Global knowledge index, ample industrial exposure is provided to the faculty members to enhance the Teaching-Learning Process and enable the Institution to produce quality students in turn.

Our students also take part in various industry-related contests, both nationally and internationally. Our students have won many laurels in Hackathons, Coding contests.


  • To Explore And Identify Common Avenues Of Interaction With Industry.
  • To Establish Centre Of Excellence By Industry/ Corporate To Provide Real-Time Exposure On Technologies.
  • To Promote Various Research Activities By The Faculty Members And Students.
  • To Establish Convergence With Industrial And Research Organizations From Various Fields Through MOUs As A Form Of Interaction.
  • To Give Industrial Exposure To Faculty Members And Students, Thus Enabling Them To Tune Their Knowledge To Cope With The Industrial Culture.


  • To Organize Workshop On Trending Technologies By Experts In The Field.
  • To Assist The Departments In Organizing Workshops, Conferences, And Symposia With Joint Participation Of The Industries.
  • Encouraging Engineers From Industries To Visit Institution To Deliver Lectures
  • To Organize Industrial Visits For Faculty Members And Students.
  • To Coordinate/ Identify Industrial Partners For Proposing ‘Centre For Excellence’.
  • To Assist The Training And Placement Division.
  • Visit Of Industry Executives And Practicing Engineers To The Institute For Seeing Research Work And Laboratories.
  • Memorandum Of Understanding Between The Institute And Industries To Bring The Two Sides Emotionally And Strategically Closer.
  • Visits Of Faculty To Industry For Study And Discussions Or Delivering Lectures On Subjects Of Mutual Interest.
  • Visiting Faculty/Professors From Industries.
  • Practical Training Of Students In Industries.

Club Activities:

Student club activities are the student-focused extracurricular activities and programs at our placement cell on university premises. Student activities are generally designed to allow students to get more involved and offer them opportunities in leadership skills, programming skills, and employment.  These activities are typically overseen by a Mentor of Student Activities, Student Affairs in the student development cell. The mentor often guides the club and sets standards for student-run organizations, and can also help network with other institutions through organizations for conducting the various events across India.
We have run two different clubs through Placement Cell, names are

Students Club:

Students Club of our Institute is constantly engaged to work on real-time projects. Today, Cognizant’s Mentors were on our campus with all the club members, discussing innovative ideas and further steps to build effective mobile and web applications in the field of Life Sciences. There were great talks and debate sessions also were held.

Benefits of Student Club

  • Leadership Skills
  • Technical / Non-Technical Skills
  • Teamwork
  • Time Management
  • Interpersonal Skills And So On…

We can say that Cognizant is diving Campus In this way also they are shaping the students before recruiting. Cognizant is Building a new system on campuses.


The Coding Club was started in February 2019.  This is an initiative by the Sathyabama Institute of Science and Technology to enhance student’s ability towards Hackathons. Club members conduct workshops and events on new technologies that are buzzing around the world and include off-campus and campus hour meetings. The members of the club were divided into respective domains and each member should be part of at least one domain and work for that respective domain. The basic domains include Big data analytics, Internet of Things, Ethical hacking, Web Development, Android Development, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine learning.

Everyone in Coding Club is part of a team and helps each other to solve real-world problems so that they could improve their skills like teamwork, management, coding, etc. Members of the club need to finish their work either from available resources on the internet or developing their own idea from scratch.

Interfacing with Experts:

Eminent Personalities are invited to motivate the students through Power Lecture Series. MoUs with leading MNC’s enable the student to a global competitor and it helps to keep the faculty and students abreast of the latest developments in the relevant area. We encourage and facilitate the participation of the students in seminars, workshops, conferences, Chapter conventions, Industrial Visits, Guest Lectures, Sponsored research projects, etc. to keep the students and the faculty on pace. Students are encouraged to develop / prototype scientific models for exhibiting in various project exhibitions organized both at in-house and external institutions/organizations, which will result in research outputs. University has the student’s chapters of professional bodies like IEEE, ISTE, CSE, IETE, ISNT, and ISA which organizes the events to expose the students to advanced levels of technology. Some of the guest lectures and events are listed below.

  • Cloud Computing – Accenture
  • Power Talk On A Way Of Life – Gadget World
  • Bio Medical Students – Bio Con
  • MBA Students – Motivational Talk
  • Challenger (Industry Connect Event) – Capgemini
  • Campus To Corporate – Cognizant
  • Lecture – LnT InfoTech

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